COPS TELL ASSAULT VICTIM newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

COPS TELL ASSAULT VICTIM newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

Take the Case to the Chief: Cops Tell Assault Victim

Take the case to the chief: Cops tell the victim about the assault

Masvingo – The Gutu family is angry that police have not arrested the man who severely assaulted their relative two weeks ago, resulting in the loss of three teeth and a suspected broken rib.The victim, Makishimo Tefera (44), was found hanging in the defendant’s kitchen, and it is not clear whether this was suicide or a mistake.
Makishimo’s family is angry that suspect Cuthbert Javanjoy has not been arrested and the case is allegedly being kept under wraps.
Police allegedly did not arrest Javanjoy despite his family agreeing to pay 13 herds of cattle for the crime, and have handed over three so far, according to sources.
District police spokesman Kudakwashi Dewa confirmed the case and said his report indicated that this death was sudden and due to suicide.
President Chimombe said the matter had been brought to his attention and he could not be urged to comment further.
He added: “I am aware of this matter, but I cannot comment at the present time.”
Many people in Gutu complain that criminal cases in Gutu including rape have become transactional as investigators are allegedly paid to destroy the cases.
Hondo Tefera, the brother of the deceased, told The Mirror that his family suspected that the deceased had been murdered and instead of arresting the accused, the police asked the family to take the matter to Chief Chimombe.
“The police urged us to contact the president about this case and the accused’s family pleaded guilty. The president asked them to pay 13 animals and cover all burial expenses.
“They only paid three monsters. We want justice for Makishimo, and the police must arrest the culprit,” he said.
Sources said on April 20, 2024, Tefera was at Moshwai Business Center and saw Javangwe assaulting his uncle at the shops. Javanjoy refrained from attacking his uncle, but the latter turned against him and a quarrel broke out between them.
Javangwe assaulted Tefera resulting in the loss of three teeth and a broken rib.
He went to Javanjoy’s house to interview the accused’s parents. He was found hanged in the defendant’s kitchen at around nine o’clock in the evening. The next day Tefera’s family was informed of this tragic news.
Assistant Inspector Fanuel Gumede, who is said to have investigated the matter, said he was not aware of the case when contacted by The Mirror for comment. Masvingo mirror


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