BUSINESSMAN IN STRANGE BURIAL newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

BUSINESSMAN IN STRANGE BURIAL newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

A businessman, who was beloved in Zvishavane for his charitable works and commitment to helping his hometown, was buried at around 8pm, sparking heated debate in the mining town.

Somehow, it took those tasked with preparing his grave a full day to complete the task, and Evans Kujinga, also known as “Boss Kujie,” was not buried until around 8 p.m.

He was 42 years old.

Some sources said: “Those who were digging the grave said that they kept bumping into some very hard rocks and the process took all day.”

“It was bizarre, heavy equipment was brought in to help with the operation but there was little relief.

“In the end, the process was completed during the night and the burial could only take place in the dark and Chief Koji was finally buried at about 8pm.

“This is something that doesn’t happen very often and one can understand why it caused such a stir in Zvishavane.

“Chief Koji was a hero to the city, he loved his hometown and donated so much to his community.

He was one of the people who were funding Shabani Main, in one way or another, when they were still in the Premier League.

“The city has lost a very good man.”

Initial reports said that Zvishavane City Council had to provide a heavy earth moving machine to help dig the grave.

There was speculation in the Zvishavane community that this was all related to witchcraft.

However, family spokesman, Happiness Kojinga, denied the speculation arguing that lack of rainfall had hardened the ground and meant that preparing the grave took longer than expected.

She said the family was aware of people spreading rumours.

“Yes, my brother was buried late in the evening because the ground was difficult due to lack of rain,” Happiness said.

“We are aware that people are spreading lies, accusing my brother of using witchcraft, which is not true.

“He was born into a Christian family and died a member of the church.

“He never used any mantra to achieve prosperity but worked hard for the whole family and was our livelihood.

“My first vehicle, and that of my other brothers, was an Evans, and it was known as ‘Modavanhu’ because it was random.”

She added: “Even revelers in bars and nightclubs enjoyed the beer bought by Boss Evans.

“Makorokozo Ozi Imuzvishavane came in their numbers to witness the burial of the man who helped them so much, and we appreciate the good name Evans has left behind.

“It was very difficult to excavate the ground and the city officials offered us a TLB but we declined since it would affect the graves surrounding the cemetery.

“Among the graves found were Boss Evans’ parents and he was buried near their graves.

“These insults are directed at people who just want to discredit and mourn the Blacksmith Brothers.”

Boss Kujie had a number of business interests in Harare and Zvishavane.

He was also a whistleblower who was an informant in over 80 cases and dealt largely with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority. h metro

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