ANOTHER FAKE DOCTOR NABBED AT PARI newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

ANOTHER FAKE DOCTOR NABBED AT PARI newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

Another fake doctor, who was working in Parirenyatwa, was exposed.

Blessing Nyanzira, 24, was arrested while trying to pass near a staff security checkpoint during his lunch hour break.

He showed two ID cards bearing different names, claiming to be a doctor.

He then re-identified himself as a doctoral student at the University of Zimbabwe.

His lies were exposed when security staff checked with hospital authorities and the Dean of UZ Faculty of Medicine and Health Services, who pointed out that he was a fake doctor.

Nyanzira appeared in court on Saturday.

According to court papers, on Thursday, Claude Nyangani, a loss control supervisor at Parirenyatwa, was on patrol during the lunch hour when he met Blessing, as he passed through a staff security checkpoint.

Blessing was wearing a clean jacket with the words “Blessing Nyanzira” written on it and was wearing a stethoscope around his neck.

Nyangani monitored Blessing before asking for his details.

He was presented with two ID cards bearing different names than those on his jacket.

He became suspicious, and after further inquiries, Blessing identified himself as a doctor who was on his way to Harare’s central business district to meet Dr. Ndorokwa, of the Zimbabwe National Army.

Dr. Ndorokwa was contacted and he indicated that he knew Blessing but not as a doctor.

Blessing then changed his story and told hospital security that he was a medical student from UZ.

Again, Nyangani called the university and told him that Blessing had never attended college.

In the past few weeks, two people also appeared in court separately on charges of theft and impersonation at the referral hospital.

Nehme is expected to return to court today for bail considerations.

But the state opposes his release, saying that there is compelling evidence against the fake doctor that could lead to his escape.

Douglas Motredzanwa was arrested after he was caught holding an upside down X-ray machine.

The court also heard that Felix Tagonera disguised himself as a gynecologist at the same hospital. h metro

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