Farai Magada, who was suspended along with Victoria Manase for mocking King Lobengula, has been retained by national broadcaster ZBC.

Victoria Manasse blames colonial-era abuses inflicted on black people by whites on the 19th-century Ndebele king Lobengula, who she claims was tempted to get drunk.

Manase said this live on national television while presenting Good Morning Zimbabwe (GMZ).

Co-host Farai Magada dramatically added that colonialism, despite its “evils” was a necessary evil as they could now “sit in front of the cameras and dress appropriately”.

Manas’ comments perpetuated a harmful stereotype about King Lobengula. This stereotype blames him for signing the Rudd franchise, which eventually led to the colonization of Zimbabwe.

A local media outlet recently sparked outrage by merging a photo of the interim Secretary-General of the Citizens Alliance for Change, Singiso Chabangu, with King Lobengula, both holding a packet of sugar.

A source who spoke to Standard Style revealed that Magada has been retained, but has moved to radio station Classic 263.

“Magada is back, but has been reassigned to Classic 263, while Manase has left the organization since she was a part-time MC,” the source said.

“Magada went to a disciplinary hearing and was given a written warning.”

Political analyst Ife Ncube said the media should work to unite and strengthen the nation, instead of stirring up hatred and division among each other.

“Although I do not know what happened behind the scenes and whether or not the broadcaster was given history lessons first, we as a country should not embrace hate speech and ignore the pain it causes others,” Ncube said.

“The media should be used to unite and build the nation and not to fan the flames of hatred that will turn us against each other.

“The statements made by the broadcasters on national television were insulting, provocative and in clear violation of the country’s laws.”

He said that the broadcaster’s return so quickly should have been accompanied by a statement from the government and the Radio and Television Corporation explaining the circumstances of her return.

“Whether she was successfully rehabilitated or not, and what happened in the case she was involved in,” Ncube said.

“Silence may be misinterpreted, leading to deepening social polarization. “This is a serious matter that must be dealt with with the utmost care.”

Mbuso Vuzwayo, secretary-general of Matabeleland-based human rights organization Ibhicho Lekazulu, said he was not surprised by her return.

“I’m not surprised she’s back in business. The government is the culprit because they went to Bobo and built a plaque for General Mtshana, and not much has been said about the king. Placing the plaque and unveiling it is a missed opportunity to correct misinformation,” he said.

“She says in public what they say in private, and that is a long-standing belief. They always mock the Ndebele kingdom. Creating kings that do not exist is a reactionary reaction to the Ndebele monarchy.

Late last year, Magada was involved in a sexual harassment scandal between herself and senior broadcaster Robson Mandu.

Mando was suspended after allegations that he requested sexual favors from Magada, as a condition for agreeing to her transfer request from Bulawayo to Harare.

In a leaked audio recording of their meeting in his office, Mahando told Magada that she needed to “motivate me through work and the second thing, obviously…it’s a combination of both.” He also threatened to send her back to Bulawayo if she refused.

Mandu continually referred to Magada as “sweetie”, “sweetheart” and “darling” in WhatsApp messages, while continuing to pressure her for sexual favours.

In response to Magada’s question on whether her transfer was gender-based, Mando stated, “It’s a million percent guaranteed… Remember you moved from Khulumani FM to Classic 263 on my signature MaMoyo. Your talk of guarantees is just a sign of disrespect for a Zimbabwean woman Typical. Standard

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