GREEN BOMBERS ENROLMENT BEGINS newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

GREEN BOMBERS ENROLMENT BEGINS newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

Enrollment of 750 Zimbabwe National Youth Service cadres has begun across the country, with President Mnangagwa expected to take charge of relaunching the program next month.

Cabinet announced the relaunch of the service this month, naming it the Zimbabwe Youth Service, a strategy to instil a culture of service and constructive engagement of youth in nation-building activities.

The service should help steer young people away from societal ills such as drug and substance abuse resulting from laziness. Yesterday, the Director of the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Development and Vocational Training in charge of Youth Service in Zimbabwe, Mr Ovase Dube, said all hands are on hand to ensure the program kicks off smoothly.

“We will set off from Nakiwa Vocational Training Center on May 24, when the President is expected to assume office.

“In June, we will open the Dadaya National Youth Service Training Center and Fungo. As for recruitment, people go to our district offices, where we recruit because we want to have a wide coverage.

Mr Dube said arrangements had been made to provide uniforms and other supplies. “Everything else is in place. We hope and trust that nothing will stop us.

“We are heavily involved in preparations as we have not trained for some time. We are just sprucing up our centres.”

An inter-ministerial implementation committee has been formed to oversee the six-month training programme, which covers three months of institutional training and three months of community engagement. Certificates will be issued to those who have undergone the training upon completion.

Tshepo Tagwirei, a former beneficiary of the National Youth Services, said the program was a game-changer in her life.

“During our existence from 2004 to 2005, we learned four pillars (namely) discipline, entrepreneurship, patriotism and volunteerism. We learned the history of our country and the future.

“In terms of securing jobs, this was not a problem at all for some of us who joined nursing and teaching while those with lower academic qualifications joined organizations like GMB. We also benefited from the A1 and A2 farms.

Another beneficiary, Innocent Chakabva, who was trained in 2003, said the training inculcated a culture of discipline among the youth which will make us avoid the issue of drug abuse. “I also learned the issue of nationhood and understanding the history of our nation. The issue of patriotism was also key. We also learned to be entrepreneurs.

Speaking after the recent Cabinet meeting, Minister of Information Dissemination and Broadcasting Services Dr. Genevan Mossoire said the Minister of Youth Empowerment, Development and Vocational Training, Tino Machakir, briefed the Cabinet on the re-establishment of the programme.

Since the Cabinet’s decision in 2021 to re-establish the National Youth Service Programme, the Ministry has recorded some progress.

“Achievements to date include the draft National Youth Service Law drafted following the approval of the principles in August 2023 and the development of a six-month training program targeting young people aged 18 to 35 years.

“The National Youth Service Program has been renamed the Zimbabwe Youth Service, and 10,000 youth have been earmarked to undergo training in 2024.

“The youth will be drawn equally from all 10 provinces of the country. The recruitment process will be cascaded to integrate youth across all divisions and regions and the new curriculum will inculcate national orientation with life skills training and entrepreneurship development.

“The new uniforms, signage and logo have been designed and will be registered, and all production units are expected to fully utilize the available land and engage in commercial production units to achieve self-sufficiency,” Dr Musiri said.

The government has stipulated that young people who complete the training will receive priority in employment and entry into the public sector, tertiary and higher education institutions, and will be given priority to receive financial support to establish new projects and businesses.

The National Youth Service has been deployed in most countries including Namibia, Kenya, Nigeria and many other countries in Europe and Asia.

In Nigeria, the program aims to engage graduates in nation building and national development. In Kenya, the National Youth Service was established in 1964 to train youth in important national matters such as national building programs and technical and vocational training in various skills and trades. In Namibia, this program aims to inculcate discipline among the youth, inculcate a sense of patriotism and develop the youth into individuals of physical and mental stamina, exemplary moral and ethical character and integrity. Announce

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