COUNCIL BOSS PAY AND PERKS REVEALED newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

COUNCIL BOSS PAY AND PERKS REVEALED newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

Chiredzi Council, which is struggling to deliver standard services to its population of more than 300,000, has been in the eye of the storm after revelations that the local authority may be coddling its bosses.

An astonishing report also shows that the council leader was given 71 stands, while several councilors were given high-end residential stands for a song.

The position of city secretary in Chiredzi, according to the employment contract, comes with a monthly salary of US$3,484, supported by a wide range of perks ranging from high leisure allowances to luxurious local and international holidays.

He also has a luxury car that he is entitled to purchase for the remaining book value after five years.

Kauma earns about $22,966 a month, including allowances and other perks, according to a copy of his contract.

The city secretary has the right to allocate parking lots; “one institutional, one industrial, one commercial, one low-density, one medium-density, and one high-density.”

It will be given to the employee when available after every five years of employment and once after leaving employment.

He also receives generous allocations for phone/internet, refreshments and home improvements including full-time gardeners.

The city secretary is also entitled to a monthly entertainment allowance of US$2,000 and fully funded educational allowances.

“All costs of vehicle repairs and maintenance will be at authorized dealers and all expenses will be covered by the Council.

The contract stated: “Allocating 800 liters of fuel for personal use on top of the work allocation of 100 liters per week.”

The Chiredzi City Secretary also receives up to US$2,000 per child per semester from preschool through college/university level. The council also pays examination fees, books, school uniforms and stationery.

A range of other allowances accrue to the City Trustee, including $5,000 per year for academic support for the incumbent and generous periods of sabbatical leave.

The secretary is also entitled to a round-trip air ticket for himself and his family, as well as a leave allowance of two months’ basic salary to spend during the holiday.

Kawuma denied receiving a lot of money and claimed that the contract seen by Truth Diggers was fake.

“That’s fake. I’m an employee at the Ministry of Local Government,” he said. “There is a model for conditions of service that is unified across councils.”

“Please refer you to the council chairman, otherwise my position is that I am an employee of the Ministry of Local Government and not a taxpayer.

“My job is to provide social services to taxpayers, but the job of elected officials is to serve voters, and I make $100.”

Efforts to get a comment from Charumbira on the issues raised regarding the city secretary’s contract were in vain. standard

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