MOKOOMBA'S FINANCES IN A MESS newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

MOKOOMBA’S FINANCES IN A MESS newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

One of the suspended founding members of Mokoomba has made sensational claims that the band’s finances are in shambles and the band members are surviving despite the numerous tours they are doing abroad.

He also claims that there is a general lack of transparency in the way the money is used. Abundance Ephraim Muturi, a guitarist in the band, has written to the National Arts Council to highlight the issues he claims have blighted the group.

Mokoomba has the greatest exposure, of all the country’s bands, in Europe and is currently touring the United States.

Muturi was dropped from that round.

H-Metro has the letter written by Muturi to NAC.

“When we ask for paperwork related to concert contracts, budgets or even royalty statements, it’s always stories, bad feelings and finger-pointing… We’re always in the dark regarding this information.

“We have no management contracts and band contracts, not even a Mukumba lawyer to guide and enlighten us.

“Things have changed for the worse, even considering the past two years.

“We go on tours without paperwork, even with a fixed budget, and are told there is no money after the tour and money is sent weeks later without proper accounting, and it is always loss after loss.

“To be honest, the money we get in Mukumba is little, it has always flowed from mouth to mouth, and there has been no progress at all.

“I feel that there is no longer respect between us as only a few have the right to talk about the band’s accounts and the money is received in fake accounts, and we don’t even see proof of the amount that was deposited, the accounts just changed without our knowledge.

“Proper accounting and information are not provided for online store sales of branded goods (t-shirts, bags, jackets, etc.).”

He added: “It’s sad the way we treat each other in Mokoomba because it doesn’t show that we are a professional band determined to fulfill our potential.

“The importance of building each other up as artists was never taken into consideration, if someone spoke out about these issues, they would be threatened, suspended from concerts/tours or any form of punishment would be applied.

“I have been a victim in the past and have been patient over the years and this is happening again.

“I don’t see a bright future for our band if the work ethic is not changed and permanent internal solutions are not found to keep the Mukumba dream alive.” h metro

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