WOMAN LOSES US$5 000 IN COS DEAL newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

WOMAN LOSES US$5 000 IN COS DEAL newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

A woman seeking a sponsorship certificate to live in the UK lost US$5,100 to a suspected fraudster who promised to facilitate her immigration.

Munyaradzi Mangoma yesterday appeared before Magistrate Dennis Mangosi in Harare on fraud charges and was remanded in custody awaiting bail.

The State claimed that her niece, Baidamoyo Clara Chamatonho from Westlea, informed her that her cousin Tanyaradzwa Chivandere was processing sponsorship certificates for people who wanted to work in the United Kingdom.

Chivandire has been using her WhatsApp app to notify people who need the certificates.

Ms Chamatunhu contacted Shivander after seeing the ad and informed her that the sponsorship certificate would cost her £4,500, equivalent to US$6,200.

Ms Chamatunhu obtained Mangoma’s contact numbers and asked her to deposit £2,250 into Tinotenda Zinyengere’s account.

Shivander confirmed through a Whatsapp message to Ms Chamatunhu that Mangoma had received the money and proof of payment had been sent to her.

On July 9 last year, Chivandere informed Ms Chamatunho that her bail certificate had been processed, but she would only get it if she paid the full amount.

She pleaded with Mangoma and Chivandire that she could only pay US$2,000 instead of the balance of US$2,900.

She was then advised to give Mangoma’s gardener, Lacson Mazarora, a credit of US$2,000, which she did.

On July 11, Ms Chamatunho asked Mangoma to see the certificate, but was told there were errors that needed to be corrected.

She later received a message from Chivandire that Mangoma was asking for her bank details so that he could refund her money as there were some issues with the certificate.

Mangoma never returned the money, prompting Ms Chamatunho to file a police report. Announce

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