A well-known cattle rancher from Bulawayo has been accused of buying stolen cattle at cut-rate prices from various gangs located on the outskirts of the city.

the What is with you Douglasdale Feedlot and Nyama4U Blue Bulls Butchery, Richard Draege, is now facing charges of colluding with thieves after police found 20 stolen cattle at his feedlot.

Farmers from Inyathi have identified some of their missing livestock on a Drighi estate, and Bulawayo Police have expressed concerns about livestock theft, emphasizing its detrimental impact on the country’s livestock.

Bulawayo Provincial Police spokesman Inspector Abedneko Ncube told reporters that Drege is aware of the legitimate papers related to the livestock trade, but continues to buy stolen beasts.

he He said that the police are intensifying their efforts to eliminate livestock theft networks.

“The police discovered these cattle after a tip-off from farmers, who discovered a truck loaded with cattle heading to the feedlot owned by Mr. Richard Drage.

“What What is disturbing is that we have entered into agreements with Mr Draghi regarding the purchase and sale of stolen livestock, yet he continues to do so.

“he He is Familiar with the procedures and legal papers related to livestock trade. In this case, only fragments of handwritten letters from fake individuals, on the run, allow these cattle to be sold.

“he “He is defiant and we are looking forward to engaging him to find out how he obtained this stolen stock,” Insp Ncube said.

He said feedlots were identified as the main drivers of stock theft by police.

“we We have expanded our operations and are not getting tired any time soon. Bulawayo is a step forward in the fight against stock theft. We have been, and still are, holding meetings with farmers and villagers spread out on the outskirts of the city.

He added: “So far we have closed the gap through encirclement Methods used by thieves to enter the city without being detected.

“Now our biggest enemies are the feedlot owners, who we have spoken to on several occasions about this, but they still ignore the law. There “It is a procedure they are supposed to follow before buying livestock, but they keep ignoring it,” Insp Ncube said.

Draege is yet to comment on the matter as he was said to be away on holiday in Victoria Falls.

Insp Ncube said continuous awareness campaigns by Bulawayo Police and close cooperation by farmers across the city had led to this Recovering stolen cows from the outskirts of the city.

He added that the recovered cattle were stolen from Enyathi and Mmbembisi areas.

“This was a result of ongoing crime awareness campaigns by a Bulawayo resident Regional Stock Theft Team as farmers around Bulawayo work to block roads used by thieves into the city. “The cattle are on a farm in Matobo,” Insp Ncube said.

He added that three suspects are still on the run in connection with this case.

the Jabulani Nkomo, son of the late Vice President John Landa Nkomo, recently revealed that he lost a herd of 42 cattle on his Umjoza plot of land over a four-month period from August to December last year.

Police have since identified Nkomo’s employee, Tatenda Chimombe, who is on the run, as the prime suspect in the case.

In January, Bulawayo police arrested two men from the Emganwini suburb of Bulawayo on charges of stealing a herd of 19 cattle. Chronicle

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