PUPIL EXPELLED OVER UNCUT HAIR newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

PUPIL EXPELLED OVER UNCUT HAIR newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

A primary school in Bulawayo has expelled a Year 6 pupil because of her uncut hair.

The student was given her marching orders two days ago.

NewsDay reported that on Tuesday, the head of Indlovu Iyanyathela Primary School, Themba Sisiba, called the girl’s father and told him not to bother sending his daughter to school.

Indlovu Iyanyathela Primary School is located at Khumalo Barracks, formerly Brady Barracks, Badonhurst, Bulawayo.

Sisiba asked the girl’s father if he had noticed his daughter’s hair and that she was supposed to cut it.

Sisiba said there seemed to be some “resistance” since last year to cutting her hair.

He told the girl’s father: “Before the end of this week, please come and get her transfer letter so that she can go to another school when she can do what she wants.”

“We want to enroll the students here for seventh grade, but we won’t. I’m done with you.

“Don’t bother sending her to this school again, she can go to other schools, but not here.

“We have rules here and these rules must be followed.”

When the girl’s father told Sisiba: “You don’t have to be emotional,” the latter exploded, an audio recording in Newsday’s possession revealed.

“We gave you a grace period, but here you are telling me about being emotional. In fact, no one has come to me to discuss this issue despite repeated efforts to engage you.”

The girl’s father responded to this allegation, saying that he had sent a letter from the doctor stating that his daughter should not cut her hair.

He said the letter was delivered to the class teacher.

NewsDay has the letter written by Dr Coravone from Mpilo Central Hospital dated March 15, 2022.

It read: “This is to confirm that the above-mentioned person is being treated in our hospital for a condition related to sun exposure.” Based on our investigations, she is at increased risk of developing melanocytosis and we consider it appropriate, as part of protection against this condition, that she not be bald or have her hair cut short.

Retinitis pigmentosa is a rare hereditary degenerative eye disease that causes severe vision impairment, according to online research on the Mayo Clinic website.

But a letter of recommendation from Sisiba to the girl, signed and stamped on June 16, 2023, described the schoolgirl as “very disciplined.”

It read: “This letter confirms that XXX XXX XXX attended Indlovu Iyanyathela Primary School from 2019 to 2023. According to our records, her date of birth is 29/05/12.

“XXX has proven beyond doubt that she is a good child, very disciplined and committed to her work. She always does her work hard without challenges.

“She has been attending school lessons every day and has performed very well in her studies. The school highly recommends that she be given any assistance required.

Sisiba did not respond to questions sent to him via WhatsApp and text messages when asked for comment, despite repeated calls to his mobile number.

The WhatsApp message only had one mark, but the text message showed it had been delivered.

His boss, Major Mabika, also did not respond to a WhatsApp message, despite double-marking the message.

His mobile phone number did not go through.

“Let’s investigate,” Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education spokesman Taungana Ndoro said curtly. Newsday

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