LEAVE MY DAD ALONE : MADZIBABA'S DAUGHTER newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

LEAVE MY DAD ALONE : MADZIBABA’S DAUGHTER newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

Madzbaba Ismail’s daughter Lisa defended her father’s actions to establish a religious sect in Nyabira and rejected allegations that many women and children were abused at the complex.

Lisa, considered the most powerful woman at the shrine, fumed outside Norton Magistrates Court claiming no women or children were abused at the shrine.

She said that women and children receive spiritual guidance.

However, it is believed that many children are denied their right to education and proper health care while women and girls are subjected to various forms of abuse.

She said: “Yes, I went to school up to O level but it did not contribute anything to my health.

“I look up to my father in everything, but now he will be away until March 19, which is a disadvantage for us.

“They imprisoned him to see, there is no abuse on the farm and we are one big, happy family.

“The same abuse he suffered, I suffered when the police came and took the women and children to Chinhoyi for medical examinations.

“It made me feel unsafe,” she said.

Lisa claimed that they would rather apply for a separate kingdom than endure such humiliation.

“In the countries we live in, we are governed. Are these my rights, what do we do?”

She said: “If you do not want us in this country, give us a place to live and we will know that we are not citizens of this country, that is better.” h metro

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