MADZIBABA'S CULT OF HORRORS newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

MADZIBABA’S CULT OF HORRORS newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

The cult established by the Prophet, Madzbaba Ismail Chukurungira, at his site in Nyabira, has come under the spotlight amid reports of questionable activities being carried out by the community there.

The followers, some of whom are said to live in captivity in the compound, call their home “Canaan.”

Madzbaba Ismail is called Mambo by those who live on his plot of land which is guided by some strict rules and regulations.

Members of the sect are not allowed to have any money or worldly possessions, and sources told H-Metro that girls are married off as young as 14 to 15 years old.

Children born out of these marriages are not allowed to obtain birth certificates and are not allowed to go to school when they reach school-going age.

Those who tried to leave the community were bullied into staying.

The sources claimed that any member of the sect who dies is buried on the same day and no consultations are held with his relatives.

Reports claim that there are more than 100 families all working for Madzbaba Ismail in the complex.

Speaking on Star FM’s Tilder Live programme, Memory Mukaniri (49) said she was struggling to figure out how her 27-year-old daughter died in the plot and was buried without her knowledge.

Mimori was married to Madzbaba Gideon (53), whose real name is Sibinyo Chikoronhi.

He is one of the elders of Madzbaba Ismail.

Memory said: “We were not informed of her death and we only heard about it through the neighbors.”

“We then went to the farm where we were advised to seek protection as they were reported to be violent.

“The place is called Canaan, and everything they work for goes to Commander Ismail. All the proceeds go to him.

“My daughter died and was buried by four men who were not related to her.”

She added: “No one should keep money in their pockets. If you buy new clothes, tell your husband who advises Mambo Ismail afterwards, but it may take up to a year usati wachiwana.

“Even the underwear is told by King Ismail. For sanitary pads, the ladies use the clothes.”

Memory son-in-law said:

“We went as relatives and had to seek police protection. She died around 8am and around 2pm and was buried without the knowledge of the other authorities.

“The police even failed to check records if a death report was filed.

“The grave was shallow and we do not know if the real grave was shown to us.”

The dead girl’s brother said: “We went into the bush, and I have never seen a grave like this. When a real dog is buried there is nothing like this.”

“Kakomba kacho kanga kakutodhirika and we were told that they only wrapped the body and did not use any coffin.

“There are many graves, and the day a person dies, he is buried.

“During the time they lived on the farm, we were also surprised by how long people died, and what kind of deaths?”

The sources said that Madzbaba Ismail started his sect when he got out of prison.

“After he was arrested, he asked people to go to the villages, and when he returned he invited us to stay on his farm.

“He said the world was coming to an end so we were supposed to go to Canaan and Teso Tissara Teshirarama.

“So we believed in him because we thought that he had the Spirit of God in him. We used to build shanty houses. We were farming on his farm, the children Fanning Vachibika Shikavu, Vachibika Sibu.

“This soap is then transported to other farms to raise money. People are no longer praying, we are waiting for the world to be destroyed, and we are already in Canaan.”

They added: “Hatitunamati, children are not allowed to go to school. They don’t have birth certificates, Hanzi Vanozundebandukira.

“Nothing is paid for lobola because when you join this religion, relationships and wealth no longer matter.

“No relative is allowed to see them once they reach that place.”

Father Gideon He told H-Metro that his ex-wife, Memory Munanairi (49), was just a bitter woman.

He said that their daughter died of food poisoning and was buried properly.

He accused Mimori of trying to tarnish his reputation and the reputation of their church by making false accusations.

He said they should have resolved their dispute in court instead of involving the media. h metro

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