CHINESE ARRESTED FOR CAR SCAM newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

CHINESE ARRESTED FOR CAR SCAM newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

A Chinese national is accused of using a car worth US$98,000 as collateral for a loan. Despite not having it, he appeared in court yesterday.

Meng Dong (34) appeared before Harare Magistrate Mr Donald Nderwe on charges of theft of trust property.

Meng, who is represented by his lawyer, Mr Freddy Masarerivho, was remanded in custody awaiting bail application today.

The complainant is Sun Hao (51). The prosecutor, Mr Lancelot Mutsukuti, alleged that on February 2, at around 2pm, Wong ordered a car from Sun to use for only four days.

He got a pearly white Nissan Patrol and drove away.

Then on February 5, at around midday, Meng went to Wiltech Auto Trade Car Sale located at No. 4 Enterprise Road, Harare, where he sold Sun’s car claiming to be his dealer using false documents.

Sun allegedly approached Meng intending to pick up his car and was informed that the car had been used as collateral for a loan Meng had borrowed.

He then decided to file a police report at ZRP Highlands.

On Sunday, Meng was arrested and led investigators to recover the stolen car from Wilberforce Ruzvidzo of Weltec Auto Trade Carsell in Harare, who bought it.

The total value stolen is $98,000, all of which has been recovered. Announce

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