US$720K GANG REMANDED IN CUSTODY newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

US$720K GANG REMANDED IN CUSTODY newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

Seven suspected thieves who allegedly raided a financial services company and made off with over US$720,676, R10,500, e120, a 7.65mm CZ Vzor pistol and three laptops were yesterday remanded in custody until Monday for bail.

The accused were caught on CCTV committing the crime and only $183,760 has been recovered so far.

Washington Mangwanda (21), Brighton Chikwa (27), Silence Matambo (27), Liberty Mukanges (31), Richard Marondera (25), Luke Zenninger (28), Shadrick Tendai Mudanga (42) who is believed to be the mastermind of the attack. Robbery appeared before Harare Regional Magistrate Mr Donald Nderwe on charges of armed robbery.

Two other suspects, Philip Rodzi (37) and Livingstone Tonha (53) have since been released.

Prosecutor Mr Lancelot Mutsukoti alleged that on February 25 at about 1:30am, the accused went to rob the complainant, Lancelot Tashayawedu.

They armed themselves with two pistols, an electric drill, an iron bar, a nail cutter and explosives, and drove to Tashayawedu’s offices located at No. 6 Rochester Road, Alexandra Park, Harare, driving four separate cars, a blue Honda Fit, a silver Honda Fit and a black Mercedes. . Benz and Toyota in black.

Upon their arrival, they approached Tashayawedu in his bedroom after breaking down the door to his living space.

They tied his hands and feet with an electric cable and went to the main office building in the building where they used an iron rod to smash the window glass of one of the office buildings in order to gain entry.

The suspects allegedly ransacked several offices in the building including the computer server room, the managing director’s office, the operations director’s office and the board room.

They blew up the strong room and safes using some detonators and stole cash worth US$720,676, two small cash boxes, 3xHp laptops, a small bag, a Wi-Fi router, ZAR 10,500, €120 in cash and a PABX phone set And a computer. The 7.65mm CZ Vzor pistol belongs to Peace Security Company which provides daytime security to protect cash, bullion and other valuables during transport.

The accused were allegedly disturbed by the arrival of Safeguard Security’s reaction team who parked their vehicle in front of the offices and fled the scene leaving behind a grinder, fuse cables and a bag containing two laptops.

The defendants also dropped cash amounting to US$5,000 during their escape by breaking the precast wall panels at the rear of the building.

The investigations led to the arrest of the accused and the recovery of varying sums of money from each accused.

The first four accused were quickly identified by a Harare Homicide CID detective who had known them for more than 10 years.

Cars purchased by some of the accused with the stolen money were also seized.

Mangwanda led police to recover US$21,000 and a black Mercedes Benz which he used as an automated gate vehicle.

Chikukua led to the discovery of $28,000 and some explosives they used to blow up the safe.

Matambo led to the recovery of a cash sum of US$20,000 recovered in the village of Murai, by the Chanakira chief, Marang chief, Bucha, which he gave to his mother for safekeeping.

An amount of US$1,000, part of his share of the proceeds of the crime, was also recovered.

Mukangaise led to the recovery of cash amounting to US$20,560 which was part of his share of the proceeds of crime.

He also purchased a car radio, a subwoofer, a set of seat covers, 4×15 tires, car shields and mag wheels using the proceeds of crime.

The clothes he was wearing while committing the crime were also found, as shown in surveillance camera footage.

He was identified on CCTV by an investigator at CID Homicide Harare who had known him for over 10 years.

Marondera led police to recover US$33,600 A sum of money and an empty gun they used during the commission of the crime.

According to court papers, Zinyengere was found with $17,620 in cash, a recently purchased Toyota Mark

There is evidence of communications between the accused during planning before and during the commission of the crime.

Call log records are available as evidence. Announce

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