A 32-year-old Kwadzana man committed suicide after receiving a prophecy in which he was told he had only a few days to live.

Solomon Kabanda was found hanging from a clothesline in his house where he stays with his grandmother.

Solomon, of Kwadzana 4, had previously tried to kill himself at home but failed.

Residents gave different accounts of the incident but sources said he had just visited a member of the Madzibaba tribe and told him he had only a few days to live.

“I was told that he visited a Madzibaba at a shrine on Wednesday where he was told that his life was at stake.

The source said: “Hanzi was told that I cannot see without a dream and you have to be brave in life in order for things to go your way. You only know what people do when they threaten you.”

Another source said: “This man has not been feeling well for the past two weeks and the test results came out today (Thursday).

“So, it seems that he was under some pressure and decided to commit suicide.

“He left the house in the afternoon after eating Acompira salt and milk, and then we saw him hanging on the clothesline in the morning.”

Other people suspect a crime.

“The way he was hanging the clothesline, it didn’t look like it was a suicide.

Another resident said: “It appears he was killed but we will wait to see the results.” h metro

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