US$720K GANG SPLASHES ON CARS, RELATIVES newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

US$720K GANG SPLASHES ON CARS, RELATIVES newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

The six members suspected of stealing US$720,000 in Belgravia on Sunday used part of the loot to buy a Ford Ranger truck, a Toyota Aqua and a Toyota Mark X while also pampering their mothers and wives with cash gifts.

They struck Quest Financial Services in Belgravia, Harare.

Three company employees were involved in the theft.

Some suspects are still on the run, and the police have been given more time to complete their investigations and arrest the rest of the gang members.

Judge Donald Nderwey granted the request yesterday, and six gang members appeared in court.

He will be formally presented in court tomorrow. Of the six suspects arrested so far, the oldest is 31 years old, the youngest is 23 years old and the others are between 25 and 29 years old.

They are Brighton Chikukwa (28), Silence Matambo (29), Washington Mangwanda (23), Liberty Mukanganese (31), Tafadzwa Richard Marondera (25) and Luke Zenninger (28).

They allegedly stole US$720,676, R10,500 and €120 in cash.

They also allegedly stole a CZ Vzor pistol and three laptops.

After the footage of the robbers was published on Tuesday, investigators from the Criminal Investigation Department received information linking Chikukwa to the crime.

They tracked him to Mbare where he was arrested.

He then implicated other members of the gang as well as three Quest Financial Services employees.

Investigators established that Chikuka received $40,000 in cash, as part of his share of the stolen items, and recovered $25,000 in cash.

Investigators also impounded a Ford Ranger truck he had purchased for $14,300 using the proceeds of the theft.

Matambo and Mangwanda were arrested in Mbare after investigators used Chikukwa to lure them.

Investigators recovered $22,000 in cash from them.

It was established that Mangwanda received US$25,000, as part of his share, which he used to buy a Toyota Aqua for US$5,300. He gave his mother US$10,000 and handed over US$5,000 to his wife for personal use. Mukanganise was arrested at a Buka tobacco auction.

He received a share of US$23,000.

It led investigators to recover $20,560 in cash, a car radio, a speaker, seat covers valued at $55, four size 15 tires valued at $240, car armor valued at $35, and mag wheels valued at $400. . Marondera and Zenninger were arrested at Glen View.

They led investigators to recover $50,600 in cash.

Marondera was found to have received US$35,000, while Zenninger had received US$25,000.

Investigators recovered a Mark

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