The government will benefit from more than one million property titles this year, with the first batch of 15,000 people benefiting during the first phase targeting households across the country.

In keeping with the talk, the Ministry of Housing and Social Facilities has now moved to advise those eligible for title deeds to bring the required documents for processing.

The documents are; An original copy of the offer letter and a copy of the sale agreement, an original and certified copy of the buyer, the cessation document if any, relevant documents in the case of deceased estates and proof of payment of the purchase price and related costs.

President Mnangagwa launched the Presidential Titles Program last year, as the Second Republic continues efforts to ensure quality and regular housing for all without exception.

More than 1.5 million homeowners are expected to benefit from the practice, which has since been rolled out across the country.

In an interview yesterday, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Housing and Social Utilities, Engineer Theodis Chinyanga, said the government has since partnered with the private sector to ensure the provision of required services such as water, roads and sewerage systems to ensure the smooth issuance of property titles.

“The national target for title deeds is over a million families, so what helps us set a target for the quarter or the year, in terms of the number of people that will be given in the said period, is the settlement status because you have to realize that there are issues of regulation which are in The process itself.

“The title deed is a piece of paper that comes at the end of compliance which means there are services; Water, sanitation, roads and that’s why we partner with the private sector so we can raise money upfront to put in these services. “Our law stipulates that the title will be issued when services are provided,” he said.

Engineer Shinyanga said that a representative sample of all governorates will be drawn up in all governorates for the first phase of the rollout.

He said many people have since been released, but in some cases, the beneficiaries did not have the required documents.

“We are currently putting advertisements in your paper for people to come and check documents. People must have documents, no one can be in a government house without documents, it is not possible.

“Many people complied and some files were liquidated long ago without the beneficiaries needing to come but we found some files without some documents,” Engineer Chinyanga said.

The Ministry of Housing and Social Facilities, in an alert to beneficiaries yesterday, urged beneficiaries to ensure the authenticity of all their documents to avoid any defect in the issuance process.

“The Presidential Title Titles Programme, launched by His Excellency President Dr. Ed Mnangagwa, in April last year, envisages the issuance of 15,000 title titles to beneficiaries across the country. The Ministry of National Housing and Social Facilities is facilitating the processing of title titles, and we have learned that some of the beneficiaries’ files It does not carry major documents, which is a prerequisite for processing files before issuing title deeds.” Announce

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