My neighbor has been sleeping with my wife for over 40 years and is the father of the five children I always thought were my own,” Forlon Johnson Chuma (66) of Dollar Extension in Enyathi, Matabeleland North tells anyone who cares to listen.

It is believed that his neighbor Danny Dunga (68 years old) is the biological father of his “children.”

The oldest is 43 years old. An angry Dunga has since demanded US$4,000 compensation from Choma for tarnishing his reputation.

B-Metro went to Inyathi to find out more about the strange story.

Choma said it was a devastating blow to his existence that he discovered the extramarital affair last year and sent his wife a WhatsApp message while she was in South Africa.

In the letter, he accused her of cheating on Dunga.

The letter read in part: “You should tell Dunga to come and pay lobola to all his children. You have been cheating on me with him all this time.

He would come to our house in my absence and give sweets to the children. Sometimes he would take them to Bulawayo without my knowledge.

After the accusations caught fire, Sithandazile sent Donga a letter telling him what her husband had said.

It all started last year during a visit to South Africa. While I was away, my husband sent a letter accusing me of having an affair with our neighbor Donga. “He claimed that all our five children, even the eldest one who is 43, are Donga’s children,” said a nervous Sithandazel.

Chuma said what really angered him was that Dunga had the audacity to visit their home and request his presence at Chuma’s son’s coming-of-age ceremony (ukutshayela umntwana ihlahla).

“Imagine my shock when Dunga came to our house one morning, holding an ax in his hand, and asked me to accompany him to perform at my son’s coming-of-age ceremony,” Chuma said.

He explained that this made me angry because in our culture, only the biological father can perform the coming-of-age ceremony for his son, and the ancestors are asked to provide protection and guidance.

He added that Dunga once went out with his wife, which fueled the dispute.

“Last year, Dunga arrived in his car and took my wife somewhere without bothering to tell me where they were going. They came back in the evening, and when I asked them, my wife got angry and shouted at me.

He said: “She had the courage to say that she did not need to explain herself, because sometimes I go to my ‘private places’ without revealing my whereabouts.”

Choma admitted that he lived in constant fear, and even avoided sleeping at home.

“I am now living in fear. I am afraid that he will come and attack me during the night. I also think that he could send people to come and attack me. He is always threatening to attack me,” he said.

He said he reported the matter to the traditional court of Chief Mtshane Khumalo.

“I have reported the matter to Chief Machan Khumalo. Dunga is now harassing me and demanding US$4,000 or the equivalent of a herd of cattle. I refuse to submit to his blackmail.”

When asked why he still lives with his wife, who may have been cheating on him since independence in 1980, his answer was simple.

“She is my wife and I love her. I have never hit her. The person causing problems in our marriage is Dunga,” he said.

But Dunga denied performing the coming-of-age ceremony for Chuma’s son. He claims that the case became a source of widespread rumors throughout the community, severely damaging his reputation.

“Choma was spreading malicious rumors throughout the community, accusing me of having an illicit relationship with his wife and of becoming a father to all their children, even the eldest, who is already 43 years old,” Dunga said.

Johnson Choma Dunga has categorically denied being the father of Choma’s children.

“I am not in love with Chuma’s wife and never have been,” he said.

Dunga’s wife, Sithokozile, believes a DNA test is the only way to resolve the emotional turmoil.

She added: “My husband denies these accusations.” “I believe DNA testing is the only way to resolve this matter once and for all. He is willing to cooperate fully.”

“I agree to do a DNA test,” Dunga announced. “This whole ordeal is causing me extreme distress, but I expect to be compensated for the cost when it is finished.”

Donga also demands US$4,000 from Tshuma as compensation for ruining his reputation. B metro

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