OVERNIGHT CAR CLAMPING FOR GWERU newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

OVERNIGHT CAR CLAMPING FOR GWERU newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

Cash-strapped Gweru City Council has introduced a night-time enforcement system, where incorrectly parked motorists are forced to pay US$85 in cash in a bid to improve revenues.

The local authority reportedly owes workers three months’ salary arrears, and the move to introduce night stabilization was agreed at a management meeting last week, as the local authority is in dire need of improved revenue collection.

According to council sources, Mr Tapiwa Marirwa was assigned to lead the program and has since opened a 24-hour office in the townhouse, where motorists will pay fines at night.

This move shocked motorists as they criticized the local authority for its suppression of citizens.

Gweru Mayor Martin Chivuku confirmed the development but was unable to provide the city’s supporting bylaws justifying the decision.

“I don’t think there is a need for an internal regulation around this programme. Motorists who are restrained at night will be stopped at undesignated points or parked dangerously,” he said. “They will be violating the law and putting other motorists at risk, so they will be punished for this crime.”

Gweru’s lawyer, Ms Constance Madzodzo, said there was a need to pass a city bylaw for the council to introduce the 24-hour installation.

“From what I know, and it is legally correct, there are pinning zones and pinning watches, which are displayed throughout the city center to warn motorists and potential violators,” she added. “But obstructing motorists at night and clamping down on them while claiming to be enforcing the same city bylaw, which “Stating times, zones, hours and dates is legally wrong.”

Gweru City Council has contracted with a private company, Gweru City Park, which is now responsible for parking and installation in the city centre. The company operates for eight hours between 8am and 4pm during the week. Recently, Gweru City Council workers took over the streets from 5pm until 6am the next day, tying up motorists found wrongly parked around the CBD while collecting US$85 from each violator.

Cllr Chivoko said the fine was in US dollars only. Announce

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