MARRIED WOMAN'S KIDS ARE MINE : MADZIBABA newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

MARRIED WOMAN’S KIDS ARE MINE : MADZIBABA newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

A 37-year-old prophet claims to be the father of two children with a married woman in a complicated situation that includes allegations of adultery and paternity fraud.

Madzbaba Kashara Katesi insists he is the father of Abigail Weru’s two youngest children aged eight and four.

Abigail is married to Dominic Gwasi (41) from Glenwood in Harare.

Madzbaba Katchara accused Dominic of hiding Abigail and the two children from him.

Madzbaba Katchara told H-Metro that Dominic abandoned his wife and that she had an affair with him while her husband was in South Africa.

He also claims that he paid lobola for Abigail, that the two girls he fathered look like him, and he is shocked that Dominic claims them as his own.

Madzbaba Kashara said he first met Abigail when he went to pray for her sick mother.

“I fell in love with Abigail when I was praying for her mother while her husband had gone to South Africa,” Madzbaba Kashara said.

“Dominic had two sons when he left Abigail and God blessed me with two girls, and these are two girls Dominic claims are his.

“Kids are like me, they don’t get asked.

“I paid lobola to Abigail, but Dominic came back from South Africa to steal my wife and daughter, aged eight and four.

“My children are already buried, so I can’t sleep to see if my children are alive.

“I filed a police report against him and Dominic was called and lied about my family’s whereabouts.

“My wife’s mobile phone is not accessible, and my in-laws do not know her whereabouts,” Madzbaba Katchara said.

Dominic denied Madzibaba’s claims, saying all four children were from his marriage to Abigail, while admitting that Madzibaba had seduced his wife while he was in South Africa.

“Madzbaba Katchara seduced my wife while I was in South Africa,” Dominic said.

“I came back several times and my wife told me she would never have any more children with another man.

“I have four children with Abigail, aged 18, 13, eight and four.

“None of them belong here, they are all mine and my wife has already sent her to her village to live there because the parents are harassing her.”

Dominic said the situation is complicated by the lack of birth certificates for the two children whom Madzbaba claims are his.

“I have not yet obtained birth certificates for the two children in question, but Madibaba is making false claims that he has already obtained birth certificates for them.

“He told the police that I was hiding his children and wife from him.

“My in-laws have come to an understanding with Madzibaba on this issue and I am sure he has calmed down now,” Dominic said.

Abigail is believed to be at Mt Darwin and cannot be reached for comment. h metro

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