ITS FAKE : EXQUISITE CARS OWNER newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

ITS FAKE : EXQUISITE CARS OWNER newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

Businessman and owner of Exquisite Cars Dealership, Mr Victor Matenga, has dismissed the fake X account created and operated under his name as fake and malicious.

This latest development comes after young businessman and tycoon Wicknell Chivayo purchased several luxury cars and donated to various people including music artistes, individuals, church members and others.

For the past few months, Chivhayo has been buying cars from the car dealership before directing patrons to “Go and See Victor” at the fine car dealership in the city.

However, this has led to Victor Matenga becoming the talk of the town, among others across the country.

A fake X account has since been created in his name by scammers and suspected criminals.

The fake X account is listed as Victor Matiyenga (Mr. CEO) @Vic_Matiyenga.

Matenga said in a statement that the fake account was created to malign his name and the name of his company.

“I would also urge Zimbabweans and my clients to be careful and ignore this fake account as I am not associated with it in any way. I hope the law enforcement officers will take necessary action and bring to justice all the culprits behind this,” he added.

Mr Matenga said he has now begun to take legal and criminal action to ensure that those involved in such activities are brought to justice.

Exquisite Cars Dealership is one of the nation’s leading auto manufacturers, boasting top-notch car sales and appraisals. Announce

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