BYO COUNCILLORS DEFY TSHABANGU newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

BYO COUNCILLORS DEFY TSHABANGU newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

Despite the possibility of impeachment to show loyalty to another political body, several elected councilors on the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) list attended a meeting in Bulawayo led by former party members Gift Austalos Sziba and Moses Chibaya.

Sisiba and Chibaya are laying the foundation for a new political group that has gained popularity on social media, led by Nelson Chamisa.

Chamisa resigned from the CCC last month, and people who attended the rally held at McDonald’s Hall in Mzilikazi on Sunday wore blue T-shirts emblazoned with the words “Democratic Alternative in Zimbabwe”.

On 15 January 2023, Sziba tweeted that Chamisa was the leader of the Zimbabwe Democratic Alternative, an assertion he constantly referred to during the rally, which contradicted claims that the new movement would not be led by Chamisa, as others claimed on social media. Platforms.

Among the CCC council members who attended Sunday’s meeting were Ward 9 Councilor Donaldson Maputo,
Ward 21 Councilor – Tinvimbu Maphosa, Ward 22 Councilor – Bruce Mmele Moyo, Ward 26 Councilor – Mpumelelo Moyo and Victoria Falls Councilor Evias Mamboni.

Also present at the meeting were some of the summoned officials such as former ward 1 councilor Shepherd Sithole, former Lobengula-Magwegwe MP Eric Gono and former proportional representation MP Stabile Mlilo.

Siziba, who was recalled from Pelandaba-Tshabalala, addressed the gathering claiming that he would expose those who destroyed CCC.

“We are here so you know where we are now and where we are going,” Sisiba said.

The former MP accused ZANU-PF of trying to destroy “genuine alternative in the country” but praised people for coming out to show they “support Chamisa”.

Sziba said some CCC members had been deceived with positions in Bulawayo saying that this was the place where “a madman appeared”, in an apparent reference to Singiso Chapago who initiated recalls of several CCC MPs and councilors last year.

“In his madness, he was not the only one,” he said, adding that he had brought an “indictment” that would reveal the names of those working with Chabangu.

“Others are trying to revive the spirit of (late MDC leader Morgan) Tsvangirai, forgetting that they teased him when he was alive, saying, ‘He was uneducated.’ They even planned to remove him from office.”

These same people are back again and “are doing the same thing to Chamisa,” Sisiba said.

“I want you to know them so that you are not deceived by such personalities. They are busy getting people out of Parliament. We were not born in Parliament. We were not born in Parliament. Parliament and Council is not the destination. The destination is freedom and democracy for the people of Zimbabwe,” the former MP said.

“This destination is led by Lawyer Nelson Chamisa.”

Sisiba criticized CCC leaders who claimed to have been co-opted when the party’s national standing committee met in 2019, perhaps in reference to vice-presidents Tendai Biti and Professor Welshman Ncube.

“There is no such thing as a permanent committee in the SPLM. The MDC is the past, not the future. The future is in the hands of Nelson Chamisa and the people,” he said.

“They said they were educated, and politics is not about learning. The school of politics is the people, not to say: I am the vice president, I am the one who said this.” Another person woke up in Harare saying he was the Secretary-General (perhaps a reference to Charlton Hwinde).

“We are moving forward and President (Chamisa) has clearly said that the CCC is no longer the means that will take Zimbabwe to the promised land,” Sziba added.

“Those who want the CCC can take it. People are very clear that they want Chamisa, not the vice president or secretary general. Others want positions and ZANU-PF is helping them keep their positions,” the former MP said.

According to Siziba, Chamisa is yet to visit Bulawayo to publicly inform people that he has resigned from CCC and will direct the plan going forward.

“We are paving the way so that people know where we are going and do not get lost because there are those who can get lost,” Sisiba said.

He also asked people to beware of impostors in their constituencies and divisions, as such individuals will want to come at a later stage, under the pretext of supporting Chamisa so that they can be voted out.

“We said this car is for everyone but you can’t come and say: ‘Put me in charge of the wheel.’ What if your soul woke up on a leash? “You’re going to let people down, so sit back and let the train move,” Sisiba said. Site

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