GWERU WOMAN STABS RIVAL TO DEATH newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

GWERU WOMAN STABS RIVAL TO DEATH newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

A 34-year-old Gweru woman has been arrested for stabbing her husband’s girlfriend to death after she grabbed the pants at their marital home.

Police confirmed the incident which occurred at Mkoba 14 village in Gweru on Saturday evening.

The suspect, Stacey Thokozani Makhandla, was absent praying at church overnight when she reportedly received a tip-off from neighbors that her husband had brought a friend to their home.

“The woman, Thokozani Makhandla, left her home at about 7pm on Saturday to perform prayers at church, leaving her husband, Tafadzwa Munyoro, with their two minor children at home,” said a source close to the sad development that has shocked the Mkoba community.

Arrest the suspect

The source said Tafadzwa left the minors alone and returned home at about 10pm the same night in the company of her friend Brightness Nancy Phiri when a neighbor informed the wife of the developments.

Midlands Provincial Police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident, saying Thokozani Makhandla unceremoniously returned home and found the two lovebirds entwined on the marital bed.

“Mkhandla returned home that same Saturday night from a night prayer service at church and found Phiri and her husband Tafadzwa Emmanuel Munyoro in the bedroom,” Inspector Mahoko said.

He said Makhandla took a kitchen knife and tried to stab her husband’s girlfriend but he stopped her and took the knife outside the bedroom.

“While Tafadzwa was leaving, Makhandla took another knife in the kitchen and stabbed Phiri several times in the body. Phiri managed to escape from the house naked and jumped from the prefabricated walls, but he soon collapsed in the street and died,” Inspector Mahoko said.

He said police attended the scene which led to Mkhlandla’s arrest.

“Viri’s body was taken to Gweru District Hospital and the suspect is now in police custody,” he added. Announce

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