WHY I VISITED BYO PROPHET : SIKHALA newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

WHY I VISITED BYO PROPHET : SIKHALA newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

Former Zingiza West legislator Job Sikhala yesterday visited Eagle Life Prophet Blessing Chiza’s church in Bulawayo to pay homage to the church to pray for him during his imprisonment.

Sikhala was released from prison last week after serving nearly two years.

He was accompanied by his wife.

Sikhala asked the church to continue praying for him, saying life in prison was not good.

“I expected to be acquitted because there was no evidence, but for all of us who understand a true prophet of God when a prophet speaks, his words must come true.

“After we were convicted, the situation was no longer under our control. For the court to sentence me to two years in prison, I was completely suspended and released on January 30 (sic).

“The word prophesied by the true prophet of God, Prophet Chiza, has come to pass. I have come to thank you for that. The whole world has lost hope and I said to myself this is the first church I will go and look for that man called Chiza. I have searched for him in it. The streets of Bulawayo with my wife. “I now have full confidence in Prophet Chiza, thank you all Zimbabweans,” he said.

Cicala function He said the church held two masses where they prayed for Sikhala including on December 31 on the night of the crossing.

He described Sikhala as a man of courage.

“He is not a corrupt man and that is why he still lives in a small house in Chitungwiza, yet he has had many opportunities to become great because in his heart that is what you can see in him.

“He’s just a guy who will tell you if he doesn’t like something; he’ll tell you the truth. He’s a brave man, a man of action who can be extreme sometimes. That’s why, even in his own constituency, no one can manipulate him in elections even in any election at any time.” Level.” Newsday

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