CCC FACTIONS SQUARE OFF newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

CCC FACTIONS SQUARE OFF newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

The battle for control of the Citizens Alliance for Change continued yesterday, with rival factions announcing separate plans on the way forward following the resignation of party leader Nelson Chamisa last week.

A faction associated with Chamisa decided during his Citizens’ National Assembly (CNA) to engage Chamisa while also announcing a committee to lead the party in the meantime.

A rival faction allied with the self-imposed interim Secretary-General, Singiso Chabangu, decided to return to the 2019 structures during an extraordinary meeting of the Standing Committee chaired by Welshman Ncube.

Chamisa-aligned CCC party spokesman Promise Mkwananzi said they would never hand the party over to Chabangu.

“In this regard, the African National Alliance is determined not to hand over the struggle to ZANU-PF and its cronies, and will do everything in its power to defend the people’s struggle and the interests of citizens, including lawsuits, illegal summonses and fraudsters, political arrests, and the position of our party.” “. “The deployment of forces in assemblies and parliament, shrinking democratic space, economic challenges, illegitimacy, and many more,” Mkwananzi said.

“During this transition period, the CNA has decided to engage with Chamisa and the masses of our people across the country, and advise on the direction and path that the country and the party should follow.”

Mkwananzi said they appointed Senator Jameson Themba, chairman of the management committee that includes Leslie Mkuraziza, Ralph Magonge, Gideon Chukwu, David Chimini, Prince Dubiko Sibanda, Morgan Ncube, Gondungwe, Susan Matsonga, Josiah Makombe and Maggie Chakaboda.

Chabangu’s faction accepted Chamisa’s resignation and agreed to return to the 2019 structure of the MDC Alliance.

“It is important that the party continues to reaffirm the resolutions already adopted generally, and specifically that the party returns to legitimate party structures as happened at the 2019 Gweru conference.” Which was still in place “The date of January 24, 2022 was recognized when the permanent national committees announced the change of the party’s name to CCC from a branch to a national council,” the faction said in a statement.

“These structures must assume their responsibilities.”

Meanwhile, Mutare Central MP Brian James has become the second party lawmaker to quit the party after Fadzayi Mahiri.

On Monday, Mahiri resigned from Parliament, where she was the MP for Mount Pleasant.

In his statement, James said CCC had been hijacked.

Therefore the question arises; How effective is the party in securing electoral reforms and consolidating the democratic political system when it is controlled by the ruling party? He said.

James said he would also resign from Parliament after pledging loyalty to Chamisa.

“However, I find it difficult, even impossible, to be part of this lie and as a result I intend to formally document my resignation from the Parliament of Zimbabwe.” Newsday

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