SIKHALA TO BE SENTENCED TODAY newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

SIKHALA TO BE SENTENCED TODAY newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

Senior CCC member Job Sikhala and his accomplice, former Chitungwiza North MP, Godfrey Sithole, will today be sentenced for inciting the public violence that erupted in Nyatsime, Chitungwiza in 2022 following the murder of Ms Moreblessing Ali by her ex-boyfriend.

Yesterday the state presented aggravated evidence and a mitigating defense.

Mr. Ephraim Zinyandu appeared for the state while Mr. Jeremiah Bamu and Mr. Harrison Nkomo represented Sikhala.

Mr Oliver represents Marwa Sithole.

The two were found guilty after a full trial before Harare magistrate Ms Tafadzwa Miti.

To exacerbate the problem, Mr. Zinyando argued that the first effect of this crime was general violence leading to the destruction of property.

“Once public violence of this kind occurs, it is inevitable that there will be insecurity among citizens, especially those living in the area where the crime occurred. Another effect is the unnecessary use of police resources in suppressing public violence. This will also lead to a loss of confidence.” “Among potential investors because no investor wants to do business in a country suffering from violence.”

The state was aware of the fact that Sikhala had been in detention for nearly a year and nine months but the court must take into account the impact of the crime on the community as some people lost their property.

To mitigate the sentence, Mr. Nkomo merely asked for a fine because Sikhala was a family man with many dependents who lost opportunities while he was in prison.

“The defense proposes a suspended prison sentence for the accused. In the unlikely event that the court decides that a fully suspended sentence does not meet the circumstances, we propose a level six fine ($300).

“Despite the State’s claims, we maintain that there is not an iota of aggravation. The first accused has 12 legal dependents. We cannot mention other dependents from extended families. The livelihood of 23 people looks up to the accused. The accused is a legal practitioner and former legislator – the title Which he lost when he was imprisoned because he was unable to run in the 2023 elections. He was transformed from being a representative to an ordinary citizen.”

Mr Marwa told the court it had to take into account that Sithole had 50 children to whom he paid school fees through a trust fund, and if they were imprisoned they would be adversely affected.

The agreed facts are that Sikhala posted a video on social media encouraging CCC supporters to avenge the killing of Moreblessing Ali and then hired trucks to transport people from Epworth and other surrounding areas in Chitungwiza to Nyatsime.

According to the state, 20 families were left homeless in the wake of the violence, while 13 shops, six mini-marts and vehicles suffered extensive damage after CCC supporters revolted and indiscriminately attacked Nyatsim residents. Announce

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