The Electoral Commission of Zimbabwe is now 100 percent ready to conduct a smooth by-election on Saturday, with the distribution of ballot papers set to begin today.

ZEC printed 230,000 ballot papers for the National Assembly elections and 144,000 for local authority ballots. All 552 polling stations will be ready for use on Election Day. Command centers have been identified and equipped.

ZEC Vice President Ambassador Rodney Kyowa yesterday told the Herald that the electoral body is “confidently prepared” to hold a free, transparent and credible by-election.

Yes, we are ready with 100 percent confidence for the by-elections on Saturday. Those who are successfully nominated will be on the ballot. Polling centers and command centers were also equipped. Ballot distribution should begin today or tomorrow morning.

“The training of election officials will be completed by Wednesday,” he added.

Ambassador Kiwa said the ZEC appeals to political parties as well as voters to remain peaceful and advocate for peace before, during and after the elections.

He said that denying peace would undermine the entire purpose of holding elections and democracy in general.

“The bottom line is that we appeal to all political parties involved, individuals and voters to remain peaceful. I think that is the most important thing because we can put all the other things in place in terms of the articles but if we do not act in a peaceful manner then it negates everything that we are trying to achieve and achieve.”

“So this is our biggest call, which is to follow the peaceful path during these by-elections,” he said.

ZEC also encouraged observers to be accredited so they can inspect ballot boxes. “Accreditation is also going well. In fact, we encourage as many observers as possible to participate during the elections.”

The by-election became necessary after CCC Secretary-General Singiso Chabangu recalled three lawmakers and 20 council members. While they all attempted to file their papers with the Nomination Tribunal as members of the CCC, they were barred from competing under the CCC ticket by the Supreme Court, although some chose to contest as independents.

Among those banned from contesting the election on Saturday are former Deputy Speaker Gift Austalos Sziba who was a lawmaker for Pelandaba-Tshabalala, former Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Amos Chibaya who was a Member of Parliament for Mkoba North, and Stephen Chagwiza who represented Goromonzi South.

Former Harare mayor Ian McKone, who was a Ward 18 councillor, was among the 20 councilors left off the ballot papers.

The 23 successfully submitted their nomination papers last month as candidates for the CPC despite being withdrawn from their positions after they ceased membership in the opposition party.

Mr Chabangu then challenged their nomination in the High Court, which led to Justice Bisiraye Kwenda ruling removing the 23 from the ballot papers as members of the CCC.

They defiantly filed their nomination papers before the Central Constitutional Court that summoned them in the first place, in defiance of an earlier order by the Supreme Court prohibiting sacked MPs from running for office in by-elections under the banner of the opposition party.

Meanwhile, CEC Chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba yesterday informed that there were vacancies among CCC party-list members in the Senate and National Assembly after they were recalled in November last year.

Among those summoned to the Senate are Webster Maundera (Harare), Jameson Temba (Harare), Editor Matamisa (Mashonaland West), Fungai Tumi (Harare) and Ralph Magonji (Mashonaland West).

The members summoned to the National Assembly are Musharira Mugidho (Masvingo), Emma Muzondiwa (Midlands), Constance Chihota (Mashonaland East), Monica Mukwada (Manicaland), Sekai Mungani (Midlands), Lynette Mazengidzo (Harare), Devin Gutsa (Mashonaland East). ). . .

The CCC will be able to nominate replacements for these recalled legislators. Announce

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