MAN KILLED IN NIGHTCLUB newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

MAN KILLED IN NIGHTCLUB newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

A 26-year-old Sizenda man in Bulawayo was forced out of bed by a friend, only to die moments later at a nearby nightclub on Friday evening.

The deceased, identified as Mthokozisi Ndlovu, had already retired from sleepovers and managed to avoid a friend’s maneuvers to go drinking. But when his friend, known as Terrence, came over for the second time, he couldn’t resist the temptation.

“He was a young man with a future, and he was taken from home by a friend called Terence and we learn that he was already asleep when this friend came for him. “I wonder how much alcohol they drank from the time he left home until he was killed and where he was,” said his uncle, Mr Jeff Ferry. “He was this friend when this attack happened.”

Another relative confirmed that the deceased had taken refuge in bed when his friend came to fetch him.

“We heard that this friend came first and Mthokozisi refused to go with him so he left. Then he came back a second time and convinced him to leave the house, so they went out together. We are suspicious because it seems like there was an agenda, someone wanted to hurt him so they made sure he left the house. This friend probably knew what was supposed to happen. “We are not sure,” Mr Griffith Ndiweni said.

Sources said Ndlovu was stabbed in the chest by an unknown assailant outside a nightclub in the suburb when police officers were dispersing revelers in the club after its closing time. The deceased, a father of one, is said to have returned from South Africa a little over a year ago where he was residing.

Speaking to the Sunday News, his grief-stricken uncle, Mr Ferry said he was informed of the death shortly before midnight.

“Our neighbor woke me up just before midnight. The boy’s father is not here, he is in Victoria Falls and his mother stays in Tshabalala. I was told that Mthokozisi was stabbed in the shops, and I found his body covered with a red blanket waiting for the police to come. We asked who stabbed him, and I was told It is a man they do not know, but he left his sandals at the crime scene. He also left behind a piece of cloth, which was later taken by another man who was arrested by the police and is helping with the investigation.

Mr Phiri said they were still trying to understand what really happened.

“When he was stabbed, the police were in the vicinity and he was stabbed while they were inside trying to close the club as it was supposed to close at 10pm and it was already past its closing time. A distraught Mr Phiri said: “We heard that the police were unable to “Leaving the club because it was full and revelers were resisting it closing.”

He described the wound sustained by the deceased. “We cannot say that a knife was used to stab him. No, he had a large hole in his left chest, and the attacker must have used a thick but sharp iron rod to stab him. The blood that came out was very little. All the blood filled up in his stomach. We found his stomach was very bloated.” “.

But the police could not immediately comment on the matter. Sunday news

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