Police officers on duty at Entumban Police Station reportedly rushed for cover when a naked woman stormed into the charging office.

This stranger than fiction story happened on Sunday, January 14, two hours before midnight.

An unknown assailant stripped the woman naked and allegedly fondled her breasts and genitals while threatening to stab her.

Fear spread her wings as she broke away from her attacker and ran to the police station for help.

According to a source, initially, the sight of the woman in her birthday suit walking towards the official’s office put the ‘fear of God’ in the officers as they suspected her of being a witch who had lost her marble.

But after she sat trying hard to cover her essentials, the angry-eyed officers became brave enough to take care of her.

She recounted her ordeal carefully and eloquently, and police officers helped her get dressed.

The source explained that while she was returning to her home, along the pedestrian walkway, an unknown man appeared from the shadows, calling her name and asking her to wait for him.

“The incident happened at around 10pm on Sunday last week. The man demanded money before dragging her to a secluded location a few meters from the pavement and threatening to stab her.

The source said: “The woman tried to resist, but he overpowered her and was able to drop her to the ground.”

The source added: “While she was still on the ground, the woman tried to direct some blows at him, but he was able to pin her down and forcefully caress her breasts and genitals, and ordered her to respond before threatening to stab her to death.”

When the man had nothing to steal from her, he stripped her of her clothes and fled with her clothes.

The woman picked herself up and went to Entumban Police Station where she reported the incident.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abedneko Ncube confirmed the incident.

Insp Ncube has discouraged community members from walking along the footpaths.

“We have recorded countless crimes occurring along the footpaths and hence we strongly discourage members of the public from using them as they will be putting their lives at risk,” he said. B metro

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