MAN WHO RAPED A UNI STUDENT JAILED newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

MAN WHO RAPED A UNI STUDENT JAILED newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

A Masvingo beater who broke into a house where female Great Zimbabwe University students were sleeping before stealing their money and raping one of them after threatening his victims with a machete has been jailed for 40 years by a Masvingo regional magistrate.

Regional Judge Mr. Pichard Chinka jailed Tinashe Chirumi (40), from the suburb of Pangolin, for 40 years behind bars after convicting him of robbery and rape at the end of a full trial due to overwhelming evidence.

Chiromi, who was naked and armed with a machete, broke into a house in the suburb of Target Kopje, where three female students were sleeping, and stole US$10 from his first victim before taking US$5 from the second victim.

He then ordered his first victim to lie on her back on her bed before proceeding to rape her once, without protection.

The State, led by Regional Prosecutor Mr. Liberty Hoff, also proved that after violating his first victim, Chiromi again attempted to rape the second student who then jumped out of the room through the window screaming for help in forcing the convict to flee the house.

Luck ran out for Chirume after he was positively identified by friends of his victims who informed the police leading to his arrest at Pangolin Light Industries in the city. Announce

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