What do women really want?

There are times when men ask themselves whether they will ever satisfy their wives. They never found the answer.

Some women simply never seem to get enough.

This is what one Thabo “TK” Mlotshwa now believes. Mlotshwa is going through what he calls a nightmare after discovering that his lover of 4 years, Siduduzile “Sdo” Shokwu, was the mother of three children in a 21-year-old marriage.

The husband, who identified himself as a healer, is similarly distraught. But interestingly, both men have come to terms with the situation. They agreed to solve the problem and help the other men avoid the same fate.

Choco is suspected of hiding in Victoria Falls.

Mdawini and Mlotshwa poured out their hearts to B-Metro about how they fell for Shoko’s love scam. In the “Love Gone Bad” scandal, Mlotshwa wants to get back the property he bought for Choko, which includes a car.

Madawini suffers from the collapse of a long-term relationship amid a series of lies and deception.

Shoko will leave her marital home in Bulawayo to stay with Mlotshwa in Victoria Falls. The two lived a happy life and promised the world to each other. Mlotshwa fell deeply in love, showering his lover with gifts and “everything a woman wants from a man.”

He helped her start a business, selling bales of clothing, and they even bought a car so she could run errands with ease.

Both her lover and her husband were in the dark and were sharing the woman.

It so happened that Mlotshwa came to Bulawayo on business when he saw Shoko in the car he had bought for her. The driver was a man. In fact, it was her husband.

Mlotshwa revealed to B-Metro how his “world” came crashing down when he learned his lover Sdu had cheated on him.

Now he wants nothing from her except the car, which she now refuses to return.

“I saw her in the car with the man who I did not know at the time was her husband. When I called her, it was the man who picked up the phone and asked me to call later. When they arrived at their house, he made a conference call and asked me to explain myself. I told him that Seduduzili was My love, but she categorically denied knowing me.

“She categorically stated that she did not know me on the conference call. That’s when she sent pictures to Siduduzile as proof that we stayed together,” Mlotshwa said.

Mlotshwa said he would often find text messages from Shoko at night and wondered who she was communicating with. It never occurred to him that she was talking to another man, her husband.

Mlotshwa said he now had proof that Shoko had more love affairs.

“She was getting late night messages and calls when I would ask her about it, she would say ‘I’m answering group messages’, yet she was talking to the husband and other men I know now.”

Frustrated by the denial, Mlotshwa sought a solution and it could only be to establish relations with Shoko’s husband to fix the mess.

“I found out that I had been scammed all these years. I was encouraged to go talk to the husband and he opened up. We shared our experiences with Sdu. She planned her act so well that we did not notice for three and a half years.

“And as soon as I learned of her infidelity, and when she denied knowing me, the boat sailed away. She was working in Victoria Falls in a popular bar. I advised her to quit. I told her I would take care of her and the children, which she did.”

He said that his former mistress introduced him to her relatives in Lubani and some of them in the city. This was partly a shock to Mdaweni when Mlotshwa recounted how he visited the Shoko family in Lubani where they cooked a rooster for him.

Madawini had no words. He was confused.

“I’m still trying to understand what happened. We have a wonderful family, and I’m in shock at these revelations. The sad thing is that she has no remorse. She worked so hard for my family to get what they wanted. This is really bad,” he said.

In a series of WhatsApp conversations between Mdaweni and Mlotshwa, seen by this correspondent, the men shared their experiences with Shoko, like “brothers in arms”.

“We want other men to learn from our pain. This is a classic example of how cheating women force men into depression. I say to all men let’s avoid such women. Let’s be vigilant and stay honest. What Sdu did to us was unfair,” he said.

Choco’s phone was called regarding this matter, but he could not be reached. In a voice message she sent to Mlotshwa, she laughed about the issue.

She blatantly told him that the car he wanted back was actually the price of the dowry he was supposed to pay because she was his “wife.” B metro

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