VIRAL WATER VIDEO WOMAN FREED ON BAIL newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

VIRAL WATER VIDEO WOMAN FREED ON BAIL newsdzeZimbabweNewsdzeZimbabwe

The woman who filmed a video that recently went viral on social media accused a construction company of selling water contaminated with sewage to the public, appearing in court yesterday.

Sandra Mazvita Bamberi (46) recorded a Facebook Live video in an area in Graystone Park, Harare, where a camper truck owned by Adil Contracting Company was parked and hauling water from a stream.

She was seen in the video confronting the car driver and accusing him and the company of selling water contaminated with raw sewage to residents of upscale areas such as Borrowdale.

The driver is seen trying to explain that this water is not for drinking, but Bambiri insists that it is for drinking.

Bamberi, represented by lawyer Tawna Sibanda, appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Apollonia Marutia on a charge of conveying a false data message with intent to cause harm.

She was ordered to post bail of US$100 and surrender her passport and was remanded in custody until January 26.

The State represented by Mr. Rufaro Chunzi alleges that on January 15 at Gatspan Road, off Drew Road, Greystone Park, Bamberi She recorded a video using her mobile phone saying that people should not buy water from the company because they were pumping sewage into their truck.

She posted it on social media platforms, including Facebook.

It is alleged that by publishing the false statements, Bamberi wanted the company to lose customers and thus hurt it financially. Announce

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